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Organisations across the economy are challenged to do business differently.

As leaders of transformations we need to be Bolder. 

Rebecca Houghton, BoldHR Founder & Director.

Our Approach

Providing leaders with a different lens in which to look to do business differently in this challenging market.

Rebecca’s successful track record as a transformative leader during times of major disruption has seen her become the person that leaders look to, to work with them on adjusting how they engage their teams, to create greater collaboration & accountability, and navigate ambiguity with greater confidence and success.

Regardless of industry or maturity of the business, leaders are facing new challenges on a scale and at a pace never seen before. Adaptable to the needs of the organisation clients work with Rebecca via Facilitation, Coaching, Public Speaking – Keynote, MC, Panelist – and Consulting.

Public Speaking


      Rebecca is impactful and a masterful in weaving together key messages of an event. Brimming with humour and seamless in delivery as an MC, Panelist and Keynote speaker, she is awarded top ratings from audiences of all sizes.


      Facilitating & Training


      As a facilitator and trainer operating workshops and strategic planning events, Rebecca produces results that are tangible, simple with consumable outputs. The events enhance staff engagement, drive greater collaboration, and accountability.


      Coaching & Mentoring

      Committed to helping leaders achieve a major rest in both mindset and behaviours. Modernising their mindset and building their leadership muscle to carve a path through ambiguity, lead with authenticity and seize the reins of change.

      Consulting & Advisor

      Staying close to her clients throughout their journey, supporting businesses to
      execute and embed ways of doing business differently that actually work.

      Pragmatic and strategic means focussing on the things that actually make a difference.


      Upcoming Events with Rebecca Houghton


      RecFest Australia, Melbourne
      17th October 2019

      Rebecca Houghton – Bold HR
      Anchor Woman for VideoMyJob

      One-day festival and celebration of all things in-house recruitment and resourcing, with an emphasis on the power of sharing and peer-to-peer learning.

      The Recruitment Events Co Australia returns with RecFest for Australia’s in-house recruitment and talent acquisition professionals.

      Join me at this event, as I join the VideoMyJob team as their Anchor Woman. I look forward to capturing great insights from attendees & speakers alike!

      Full session details here

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