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Develop Business & Talent Strategies or engage your teams in Organisational and Cultural change.

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Rebecca’s career spans two international decades at the pinnacle of Talent thinking.   Today, she helps organisations to do business differently – with confidence. 

She works with Business and HR leaders to Lead with confidence in disruption and to rethink Talent programs to enable the workforce of tomorrow.

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Who’s your Mentor in 2020?
8:00 am - 9:30 am
As the new decade kicks off, what better way to ensure a strong start than to work with Rebecca – who used to head up Talent Acquisition & Onboarding, People Change & Workforce Reskilling,...
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


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The insight I gained from spending time with Rebecca was invaluable. From a simple conversation, I was able to identify limiting beliefs that were affecting my career progression. This then spurred me to speak with Senior Leaders in the business who offered to support and provide opportunities to lift my career. A short, insightful conversation with Rebecca has galvanised a lift in direction focused more on strategic thought leadership in Talent Acquisition. 
We engaged Rebecca to run a Vision and Culture workshop and found her to have a challenging, yet engaging style with a no-nonsense approach that was ideal for our senior leadership group.  Our workshop outputs were practical, tangible and really resonated with the group and the business as a whole.  Rebecca was able to accommodate changes to brief seamlessly - identifying and filling a few strategic gaps along the way.  As a result, she added significantly more value than many facilitators, including advising on our approach to change and the supporting comms required to help us embed our key messages long after her brief was fulfilled.  We have used Rebecca’s recommendations and advice to further our culture work and have extended the workshop to a broader audience.  I look forward to our continued collaboration in our culture journey and have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca and would be happy to discuss the positive constructive and professionally mature way in which we worked together.
_Clive Peter,Director People & Culture

“Rebecca was quick to listen, seek to understand our business and the challenge at hand and quickly went to work on recommending an approach. She is an engaging and stimulating presenter and facilitator, and establishes strong and effective working relationships with everyone.  Her bespoke client approach enabled her to deliver effective workshops which we all left with lots of practical outcomes to put into action straight away”.

_Rachael Francis,HR Director
Fred Cilia
Thank you for leading the session so well. It was a very polished and professional job! We received lots of good feedback on the day and also subsequently from the people that attended. Objective achieved!  
_Fred Cilia ,CFO, Public Transport Victoria
Since working with Rebecca my business and team have doubled in size. As my coach, she has been instrumental in helping me achieve and carefully manage this growth over a very short period of time, and in just keeping it simple!  With 15 years of experience in talent assessment, my credibility as an expert in what I do was pretty solid and absolutely pivotal in the startup and quick growth of my business. Making the shift to an Executive running and expanding that business has been a massive learning experience and Rebecca has helped me to focus on and develop some key skills and tactics around leadership and negotiation.  Rebecca has helped me to identify and manage my fears and my derailers. She has facilitated the evolution of our strategy and vision for APAC – structuring my thoughts and ideas in a very simple way, as well as providing guidance and advice on any gaps. This makes our plans for expansion feel all the more manageable and possible to achieve.  Rebecca’s experience in business and HR is absolutely invaluable. As a relatively new and very fast growing assessment and technology business in Australia, Rebecca has been the perfect choice as my coach. I trust her, she is warm, supportive and insightful – knowing how to challenge and get the most out of me for the business.  
_Abigail Scott,Md, Asia Pac - SOVA
BoldHR provided invaluable support during the transformation of the function. In a short period of time, they enabled us to rapidly simplify a complex strategy, access critical funding and clearly plan a path to successfully transforming the operating model.  
_Nicola Harrison ,Director, Talent, RMIT
Thank you so much for all the work you did with us over the last few months. Among other things, you made a highly valuable contribution to our strategy and to our team and everybody really enjoyed working with you. I really do hope we can work together again in the future.
_Leanne Macciocca,Operations Manager, VideoMyJob
I really enjoyed the session and found Rebecca to be fabulous. I loved hearing about the various case studies, I have referenced some of the examples and clips she shared with us over the past month!  
_Kate Colley ,Senior People Partner, NAB Ltd.
Shannon Psaila
Rebecca switched over seamlessly to the Digital People Experience program and successfully led our flagship product; an enterprise digital priority. She was able to quickly synthesise a complex strategy and very quickly break down ambiguous requirements into tangible actions. Rebecca demonstrated an ability to build trust with the Agile team, effectively engaged them to execute on the priorities whilst simultaneously transitioning them to deliver in a traditional waterfall approach to meet changing project requirements. Rebecca has a drive for results, develops amazing and effective relationships quickly – from our top executives to the teams on the ground floor – cutting through politics and remaining focused on end user experience. She also keeps an eye on the strategic narrative, optimal ways of working and team morale and provided valuable input on these during some challenging periods.
_Shannon Psaila,Head of OD, Australia Post
When I think about my time working with Rebecca, she’s taught me the balance of these qualities: being passionate, but humble; strategic, but incredibly detail oriented; welcoming innovation, but being mindful of today’s business challenges. Her sponsorship of my career has not only allowed me to take on new challenges within the business, but has helped me develop as a leader in the Talent industry. I was hand-selected by Rebecca to join her recruitment function at Australia Post as the Recruitment Marketing Manager about two years ago. As a senior leadership team, we came together to build and implement the “Reimaging Recruitment” project which outlined close to 25 initiatives to bring our candidate, hiring manager and stakeholder experiences to best-in-class. Without the sponsorship and guidance of Rebecca, the employer branding arm of recruitment would cease to exist – let alone some of our other initiatives like a formal referral program and sophistication of the unsuccessful candidate experience. While I’ve learned so much from her leadership in the office, her sponsorship of building my profile in the industry is where I’ve garnered the most gratitude for our time together. Between introducing me to global technology providers, inviting me to industry events such as ATC and Criterion Conferences, as well as promoting me as the channel owner with our partners like LinkedIn, Seek and Indeed – I have advanced my career as an employer branding thought leader. She’s certainly pushed me to learn about my own qualities, how I can apply them to my work and progress my career to what it is today. If you’re an emerging leader and need another pair of eyes to develop your path, Rebecca is someone who can sponsor just that.
Gaby Symons
Rebecca put together and delivered an absolutely amazing presentation at the RCSA (Recruitment & Consulting Services Association) industry conference in Noosa this year. She absolutely 'hit the spot' on so many topical points and her insights into the future of work was enlightening and relevant. Importantly, there were many 'take aways.' Rebecca has a way of engaging...she is 'real.' There were a lot of talented speakers and presenters at this conference. Rebecca was definitely one of the 'stand outs.'
_Gabby Symons,MD, People Equity
I first saw Rebecca when she gave a speech at a recent IPAA event ('Shaping the Future of Work') in Melbourne. What she said about people needing the right attitude and motivation for the job more than the right background really resonated with me. It shows she has her finger on the pulse and is keenly aware of what is needed to future-proof an organisation. I was also really impressed by her pragmatic approach and the ease with which she related to people and situations.
_Jelena Markovich,Dept. Education & Training
Roule Smith
I recently engaged Rebecca from Bold HR to help me with returning back to work after a 12month career break. Rebecca provided coaching on how best to approach the job market and reviewed my Resume, LinkedIn profile and helped me create my value proposition. Rebecca's in-depth understanding of the industry was invaluable. I found her coaching and leadership style to be engaging and empowering and she prompted me to consider options that I would not have previously explored. Rebecca provided great insights on how best to market my personal brand and showcase my skills capabilities and experience. I will continue to leverage Rebecca as a mentor and highly recommend using Bold HR.
_Raoul Smith,PMP
Trini Nixon
Rebecca recently spoke at a Future of Work event for the IPAA, alongside Karen Lay Brew of 3Pillars Digital and the Commissioner of the Victorian Public Sector, Dr Paul Grimes. Our audience really connected with the topic, and in particular the way that Rebecca was able to bring a pragmatic lens to the bigger Talent Management challenges that many organisations are struggling with today. Her fresh approach to demystifying the big trends, providing practical tips about tackling them, and her focus on simplifying the perspective was really well received.
_Trini Nixon,Director, Hudson Talent Management
Michael Virgo
Rebecca's experience around change and transformation made her the ideal coach for me in my management role at NAB and now at Australia Post. I’m accountable for driving significant change and improvements in the divisions that I lead and her approaches and experience have helped me to refresh and simplify my mindset around people leadership, problem solving and stakeholder influence, and she has supported me to achieve some real career wins. She’s an invaluable source of confidence, energy and optimism and I highly recommend her as a coach.
_Michael Virgo,Associate Director, TA Monash College
anthony whyte
Rebecca recently facilitated a strategic planning day for the APSCo Board Directors. I found her to be well planned; engaging and her questioning and ability to tease out responses was excellent, which can be very difficult at the best of times and more so with a group not known to her. I personally would recommend Rebecca for any strategic/facilitation sessions.
_Anthony Whyte,GM Talent, TalentRISE & APSCO Board Director
Julie Mills
After meeting Rebecca Houghton over coffee to discuss something totally unrelated I made a decision to ask her to develop a strategic planning day with the APSCo Australia Directors – her comments over coffee were so observant of where we were at on our growth trajectory that I couldn’t resist. With a room full of senior recruiters, some tough questions on the table and after an early morning start Rebecca kept everyone on task, produced walls of outcomes, narrowed down to a page of key discussion points. What’s more the day was over before we knew it! Rebecca’s preparation, her research and her “no time to waste” attitude ensured motivation remained high with little time to sneak a look at mobiles and go make calls. APSCo Directors are travelling all the time, busy in their own businesses but this day was such a strong motivator that we have scheduled early morning conference calls twice a week until the end of March to finish the items we couldn’t complete. Rebecca’s drive harnessed a force with this group of Directors. I would recommend Rebecca’s strategic thinking, straight talking and management leadership initiatives to any company looking for a fresh view of the world – we certainly came away having completed a complete circle of thinking.
_Julie Mills,CEO APSCO
Undivide is a SaaS product that enables organisations with large, mobile and often non-permanent workforces to manage their compliance requirements from a single, mobile platform that ensures paperwork, communications and renewals are all proactively and securely managed. I engaged Rebecca as our business advisor to help me develop our Go to Market and Product strategy. She’s been an invaluable resource. Rebecca has a highly strategic mindset balanced with a pragmatic, operational perspective which means that we focus on the things that actually make a difference. She understands what corporate clients value and how to approach them, she understands Saas Products, she’s an experienced operational leader with a keen eye for growth, waste and risk, and she’s readily available to pitch in on everything from international market expansion to people issues. I’m very excited about our next stage of growth and can certainly see the relationship between Rebecca and Undivide continuing.
_Mohan Perera,CEO, Undivide
VideoMyJob engaged Rebecca Houghton (BoldHR) on a 90 day project 2 days a week in which Rebecca was engaged to assist and create efficiencies across marketing, sales and leadership initiatives. Rebecca was able to bring the voice of the customer into the room, along with her unique experience(s), skills and attributes so we could better communicate with our community who purchase our software (T/A, RPO's & Agencies) Engaging with Rebecca was impactful for our start-up. We found the following to to be high value; - seasoned business & people leadership - Strategist skills - Problem solving - optics to bear on our growth strategy Rebecca supported me and my leadership team with a series of coaching & facilitation sessions, establishing our 'purpose' or 'our why' and integrating values & strategic plans into our business. As a facilitator, she has a great questioning style which allows every voice to be heard and for complex decisions to be made. As a coach, she is both challenging and developmental, and is not afraid to broach difficult subjects yet does so with grace and humour. She also worked across our Sales, Marketing & Customer Success teams to sharpen our go to market & customer journey approach and tightened up our value proposition, which resulted in new marketing & sales content as well as a smoother, more integrated customer experience. At VideoMyJob I was continually reminded from my leadership team that Rebecca was adding value leveraging off her previous experience(s) What I particularly liked about Rebecca is the range she can operate at – from highly strategic, to hands on, she is able to challenge and tease out the best approach in a really pragmatic and engaging way. Again, the team have enjoyed immensely working with Rebecca, and we have individually & collectively benefitted from her time at VideoMyJob.
_David Macciocca,CEO, VideoMyJob
We came out with a BOLD action plan that we can implement straight away. Thank you, Rebecca!
_Varsha Raghavan,Solutions Specialist, NTT
Rebecca ran an excellent session - lots of fresh insight to the challenges and trends facing our industry, along with new ideas to improve client engagement. If your team interacts with HR, Procurement and Hiring Managers to achieve outcomes, it would be worth speaking with Rebecca to bolster your armoury!
_James Belcher,Business & Client Manager, Whizdom
I had the privilege of working with Rebecca when she was engaged to work with a group of high performing and experienced executives to assist us in defining our strategy. Rebecca brought not only a wealth of experience to the day but also a dynamism which is impossible to measure. Rebecca kept the day on track and everyone focused and working hard to achieve the required outcomes in a short timeframe. Rebecca has continued to check in to ensure we are maintaining our momentum. I highly recommend Rebecca and BOLDHR.
_Bronwyn Murphy,Head of Quality, Risk and Operations, Australasia at Medacs Global Group
We had the pleasure of Rebecca as a Key Note Speaker at our Sales Conference recently. She created a stimulating, collaborative environment very quickly and kept our attendees amused and engaged. A high number of attendee's rated her presentation as the most informative and engaging out of all of the sessions conducted through out the day. As a facilitator she is an expert at both challenging your thinking, yet ensuring all voices are heard. I would highly recommend her to other organisations seeking to engage their teams on strategy, planning or change.
_Amanda Miles,Director Operations
Our commitment to doing business differently meant Rebecca was perfect to facilitate our session. She creates a positive, collaborative environment quickly and is expert at both challenging your thinking, yet ensuring all voices are heard. By advising on key messages and principles in the lead up to the event, she added value well beyond that of a typical facilitator. Highly recommend her to other organisations seeking to engage their teams on strategy, planning or change.
_Ryan Green,Planning Manager, Dept of Transport
Stephen Smith
I have been involved in two of Rebecca's planning days, one for APSCO and one for my own business Sirius People.  I found the structure of her sessions and pre and post work to be highly effective. We took a fairly complicated concept, applied a methodical framework which engaged all team members in the planning stage. The post planning work also engaged all team members in the change and operations stage, enabling buy in and making execution straight forward and measurable. My team liked the way she made everything seem simple with no fuss. I would highly recommend Rebecca for your management strategy day.
_Stephen Smith,CEO, Sirius People
Rebecca worked with us to develop and round out our marketing strategy. Her strong, strategic and customer-centric mindset was evident from the outset, and through our time together, she challenged our thinking constructively and productively with a warm and engaging style. This was key to helping us integrate her practical contributions and recommendations that made a significant difference to our messaging and value proposition.
_Ryan Ng,Founder & CEO, Talent Identify
Sandy Blomfield
I recently attended a session that Rebecca facilitated. I have been in recruitment 20+ years. However, I still think that every now again I need a little reminder of some things to put me back on track and help me to feel reinvigorated. Rebecca's session did just that!  
Sandra McKay
I can highly recommend Rebecca who very quickly understood our organisation's needs while helping us approach change in a transparent and democratic way. She won't waste time of busy executives, and makes sure through her workshop planning and facilitation on the day that you get the feedback you need and collectively work through knotty issues with your team. She really understands the dynamic of change from both an organisational and personal perspective and helped us build the groundwork for constructive reform. Rebecca's skills as a facilitator quickly creates a collaborative, open atmosphere that breaks down reservations and turns the energy towards constructive discussion on how we improve. I can highly recommend Rebecca to other organisations seeking to engage their teams on change and strategy.  
_Sandra McKay ,Executive Director Strategic Communications, Department of Transport
Paul chiswick
Rebecca spoke at CXC's Emerging Workforce Summit in 2019. She contributed significant value to the panel discussion on transformation and we received tremendous feedback on Rebecca's insights. I would happily recommend Rebecca as an industry speaker and am looking forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.    
_Paul Chiswick ,Corporate Solutions Director at CXC
Julia Tucker
I had the privilege of working with Rebecca to create Epworth’s first Talent Acquisition strategy. The TA function was new to Epworth and with a time frame of only 2 months, Rebecca’s guidance, expert knowledge and mentoring was key in helping me create a methodical, structured approach to defining our strategy and program of work. Rebecca was extremely quick to understand our business, our strengths and challenges; she challenged my thinking, helped maintain momentum and coached me through a seamless consultation process. I wouldn’t have been able to deliver a strategy that I am as proud of as this one, especially within such a tight time frame, without Rebecca. I cannot recommend her highly enough and hope to have the pleasure of working with her again in the future.

_Julia Tucker ,Talent Acquisition Manager at Epworth

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