02 Jan

12 assumptions to challenge for 2020

  1. Change has an end date. Not any more. Change has changed.
  2. It makes people anxious if they know organisational change is coming, so keep it secret. They already know. They’re already anxious. And no-one likes surprises.
  3. Carrot and stick change strategies work. For horses perhaps.
  4. 10yrs and a Degree is essential. With the exception of some technical roles, is it really?
  5. Asking about previous salary is ok. Price the role not the person, as this maintains unfair salary practices. See Westpac.
  6. Our people need ‘looking after’. They are not kids. We are not their parents.
  7. You need to have the answers before you communicate the message. It’ll be too late if you wait.
  8. Culture is set from the top. And ridiculed from the bottom?
  9. Clear outcomes are always required. Clear progress often adds more value more quickly.
  10. Leaders should have the answers. Welcome to ambiguity. No one has all the answers – time to become more resourceful.
  11. Failure is ok. Of course it isn’t. Unless we redefine what failure means.
  12. Technology is (most often not) the answer.

>> which one will be your new year’s resolution?

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