What Sherlock Holmes can teach us about ambiguity

Rebecca was recently invited to write an article on CEO World, click here to visit the link.

We know that the challenge of leadership has shifted in the last few years to a greater state of uncertainty, ambiguity, and changeability than we have ever seen. The implication of this is that decision-making and judgement is increasingly being devolved to the middle – to the B-Suite.

Korn Ferry states that a tolerance for ambiguity is a major driver of corporate performance, and B-Suite leaders are struggling with it – second-guessing their way through each day, making decisions and using judgement in highly ambiguous and uncertain circumstances with decreasing levels of confidence.

They are basically being asked to operate like a detective – and this is where Sherlock Holmes can help.  After all, he was a master at problem-solving and decision-making, particularly when the circumstances were ambiguous, information was incomplete or the situation changeable.

Read on for his 6 top tactics for tackling ambiguity and working out what the h#ll is going on!

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