The Third Way

Next year is going to be a brand new way of working for all of us, and for B-Suite leaders this will bring a whole new challenge to bear, because one size will definitely not fit all. 

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2022 Forecast

This month, I’ve been hovering over my crystal ball with increasing frustration, and I know you have too.  I’ve been looking for insight, and all I’m finding is contradictory and often lightweight advice on what 2022 will bring.

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Three little words

I’ve mentored exactly thirty B-Suite leaders this month. I like things to be tidy, so that number pleases me disproportionately (is that weird?).

The leaders I work with are weirdly in sync with each other too –

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Peter and the workload Wolf

I think we all know the story of Peter, the boy who cried wolf. He did it so many times that the townsfolk stopped listening, and when the wolf really did turn up they didn’t believe him and his

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A most ingenious paradox

I was watching Pirates of Penzance recently (I’m in lockdown after all) and this paradoxical little ditty caught my eye.

You know the one – the paradox of a leap-year baby being both 5 and 25

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Our need to be right is wrong, right?

We humans are weird. We are programmed to derail ourselves and yet we still succeed. 

Mel Schwarz, who fascinatingly links quantum physics to conflict and change, tells us that addressing our belief systems is how we open up

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The perplexing power of power

I’ve been thinking a lot about power recently. Not in a megalomaniacal, mwah ha ha kind of way but in a how does the mere concept of power affect our ability to lead from the middle kind of way.

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