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BoldHR’s Mission

Leading and enacting change BoldHR provides a new lens to leaders looking to do business differently, strengthening leadership, strategy, and culture.

Throughout the economy, and everywhere in the world, businesses are being challenged to do business differently.

Achieving and sustaining the impact of transformation typically requires a major reset in mindsets and behaviours — something that few leaders know how to achieve.

As a famous Canadian was recently quoted as saying “The pace of change has never been this fast, and it will never be this slow again” Justin Trudeau.

Alongside the increased pace of change is an increasing failure to change successfully.  No matter the industry, no matter the business maturity scale, leaders are facing new challenges at a scale and a pace that has never been seen before. Legacy businesses need to modernise their leadership: the old models of leadership, strategy, and execution are no longer working. Fast growth businesses want to mature without losing what makes them nimble: they need new models of leadership, strategy, and execution too.

About Rebecca Houghton

Multi-award winner and a recognised industry leader, with a strong track record as a transformative leader during major disruption.  

Rebecca makes the big ideas practical and has driven successful change in the most complex and conservative environments including Government Departments, Bupa Australia and Australia Post. 

As one of Australia’s leading Transformation thinkers, speakers and mentors, Rebecca works with businesses and individuals across the leadership eco-system – Businesses leaders, Talent Leaders, Education Leaders, Recruitment Agencies & RPOs, and Tech firms.