08 Oct

Collaboration – avoiding a no or getting a yes?

Collaboration – avoiding a no or getting a yes?

Be more collaborative. We’ve heard it before. But how do you generate true collaboration?

• A new structure?

• A new #collaboration platform?

• More streamlined processes?

All of the above help, yet in many organisations that I work with, I observe workforces getting work done DESPITE the systems, structures & processes around them. So they are clearly collaborating – at a different level.

I often find leaders struggle with this more than others. They’ve been trained to influence – ultimately to drive for a yes; to close a deal; to win.

Their people are often focused on the opposite – finding ways to work as a team with minimal disruption and friction.

Maybe this is avoiding a no – and these days, that might be more important than getting a definite yes.

Why? Because a definite yes can easily be overturned with a change of situation, which is becoming an almost daily event. Avoiding a no means people are in a tolerant frame of mind and more likely to accommodate each other – and the inevitable changes – on the journey.

>>Have your say. Push for a yes or avoid a no?

I work with leaders to find confidence in the chaos and rediscover their leadership edge.

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