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Deliberate Influence

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Join me to kick off our masterclass series with a session on Deliberate Influence.

There’s no question that influence is one of the most important skills in leadership, and a lack of influence is one of the frustrating things in leadership.

What we’ll cover in this course:

  • Current influencing tactics
  • Influence & the brain
  • Neuroleadership models

What habit-building you’ll get out of this:

  • Identifying the gaps in your current influencing approach
  • Understanding how you are influenced
  • Improving how you can influence others
  • Influence planning

Your workbook – which you can refer to throughout, is here

I encourage you to print out this workbook (on recycled paper of course), or even better transfer it to your tablet so you can save trees. 

The act of writing is important – scribbling your notes as we go through will help you retain the information better (science fact).

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