08 Sep

Internal recruitment and retention is it missing the mark?

Internal recruitment and retention is it missing the mark?

We’re failing to ‘compete’ for internal talent the same way we do external talent, starting with some important basics. Getting a new job including a payrise should be easier once you’re ‘in’.

In fact, it’s harder, this is what I am hearing:

1. “It’s easier to get a job outside than inside.”

Traditional businesses have a tendency to inaccessible systems, application limitations and other restrictive policies that don’t exist when applying outside. To adjust this, simply ask yourself ‘what happens outside’?

2. “I can get a payrise any time of year if I leave”.

A person can change role or responsibilities at any point during the year, but their salary change is often delayed until the annual rem review, which feels unfair.

3. “I can get a bigger pay rise if I leave”.

Many firms limit the pay rise you’re allowed, even when moving roles. In the external market, that isn’t the case.

If we’re prepared to pay a stranger the market rate, what stops us from doing the same for our own? In a market increasingly concerned about retention, I’d have a good look at these three!

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