Masterclass and Group Coaching 2021

22nd September – EPIC Teams with Rachel Gooen MS, MSW, LCSW

Rachel Gooen, brings 25 years of understanding about team dynamics and strategic growth to the topic of creating an EPIC Team. From the wilds of Montana, where epic adventures happen routinely, she’s learned that teams that are personally engaged in their purpose, succeed in their mission and inspire others at the same time.

During your session with her you will explore approaches that engage your team with purpose, inspiration and connection.

Isabella brings practical insights to her work helping leaders turn passion into performance. With executive experience in range of industries and roles including HR. She has a PhD in Organisational Development and Change from Fielding Graduate University, USA and has facilitated “Talk” gatherings in Australia, New Zealand and the USA on a variety of issues.

She delights in delivering engaging, informative and thought-provoking leadership development sessions and key note presentations and has worked with client partners in India, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, USA and Australia.

Hot off the press, Shane Hatton will be sharing with us the results of a significant research piece across thousands of B-Suite Leaders on the topic of their understanding of and contribution to high-performing cultures.

Shane is a Queenslander by birth, Melbournian by choice, curious by nature and creative at heart. He has spent the last decade developing remarkable leaders and teams.

He is an expert in leader communication, blending his experience in business & psychology to help leaders communicate, connect and collaborate more effectively in order to bring out the best in those they lead.

His coaching helps individuals and teams better understand what makes them exceptional and how they can leverage that to achieve individual and collective outcomes.

Upcoming Group Coaching Sessions and Topics

  • 27th August 1-2pm – Managing messaging: positioning + pitching

  • 24th September 1-2pm – Solve: stop fixing symptoms

  • 29th October 1-2pm – Taking decisive action in chaos & ambiguity

  • 26th November 1-2pm – Managing up: ‘cos you’re daft not to

  • 25th February 2022 1-2pm – Think: deliberate procrastination

  • 25th March 2022 1-2pm – Prioritising: strategically

  • 29th April 2022 1-2pm – Managing your reputation: job seeking or not


Previous Group Coaching 2021

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Ishan (1)

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