26 May

Operational is no longer a dirty word

What happens when operational is no longer a dirty word?

The reason HR is being so successful right now is that we have made a significant shift.

One of these key shifts is from prioritising strategic to prioritising operational.

Operational used to be a dirty word BCV (before covid), but where would we have been without Operational HR?

How useful was Strategic HR in predicting and preparing for CoVid?

Or when we were up all night, busy getting everyone home safe?

And how often, BCV, were we hearing ‘get the basics right’ from our client groups?

And now, what’s getting people back in the office?

Operational excellence – which used to be dirty word.

Operational HR has taken a back seat to strategic HR for many years, and I think it’s time for a re-set.

Time for operational HR to stop being the poor cousin and step up as equally vital.

Our businesses need us to focus on getting the basics right, on delivering simple and seamless experiences – and this means investing in the capability, the reputation and the attractiveness of Operational HR.

>>What are your thoughts on re-setting the balance between strategy and operations?

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