Build a winning business case


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Business cases: an increasingly critical toolkit for leaders at all levels, and one that is often done poorly.

As a leader, if this is you:

  • Already feeling the pinch of resource constraints
  • Getting ready to write your first business case
  • Your last few business cases got over the line, but were really hard to win
  • Your last few business cases did not get over the line

Then this masterclass is what you need right now.

We are entering an economy where resources will become increasingly closely scrutinised and more difficult to access.  Which means now, more than ever, leaders have to be at the top of their game when it comes to building – and winning – every business case.

Being able to make a strong business case is an essential part of your executive leadership toolkit, and one that many leaders struggle with, so in this masterclass I’m going to walk you through the 5 key steps to business case success.

I’m joined by EVP expert Margie Kwan who brings a wealth of examples of how some of the more difficult business cases (such as EVP) can be won, following this 5 step formula.