03 Jul

The surprising truth about your bad boss

According to a global study by The Potential Project, 77% of leaders believe they’re doing a great job; and yet 65% of employees said they’d forgo a payrise to see their leader fired. Yes actually fired!

Well, times like these try us all, including and especially leaders.

I bet you’ve recently had a bad boss moment haven’t you?

Of course you have and here’s why:

  • These are stressful times – and there will be more to come.
  • Moments like these make us feel like our back is against the wall – we feel defensive, anxious or scared – and it often shows.
  • The thing is we’re all feeling the same way. So you’re likely to spark each other off and you’re likely to deflect or apportion blame – which often travels upwards.

Now – was it your boss or was it you? (You don’t have to answer that out loud, but…..was it?)

If you’re experiencing a bad boss right now, tune into my next few posts for some top tips to tackle the terrible tyrant!

>>What tips do you think we should cover?

  • Rethink Talent for Today
  • Level Up Leadership
  • People Change that works

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