06 Apr

What happens when you make this one little change to your comms

Like all of us, I’m still stuck in Corona-mania. I recently discovered that to find out what was really going on in Wuhan, people had been turning to Tinder. It made me recall 9/11 when people were watching citizen reportage via Youtube and Facebook before watching the News.

Then I listened to the HR priorities 2020 by Gartner, and was captured by their insight that top-down comms actually lowers engagement and hastens change fatigue!

It strikes me that in times like these that maybe top-down comms is not always the answer. Side-on comms is needed too – because top-down has to be generic, when what people want is specifics.

So we need to tool up our middle managers to help translate top-down and generic communications into personalised and specific conversations.

We can enhance engagement and stave off change fatigue with one little tweak.

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